Why should your Facebook ads go hand-in-hand with your posting content?

So, you’ve got an event. When you start your event promotion, you should plan it firstly (assume  that you already know what Facebook Event is and how to create it. If you don’t know, here is a useful link with tips, whys and wherefores). 

What do you need to do first? The easiest and the most obvious answer is to launch ads (to make sales grow fast). Advertising drives sales! Zap and it’s done. 

I don’t want to upset you, but I have to do it. Firstly, right audience won’t gather by itself (but it’s a separate issue), and secondly (but it’s also very important), you should tell about your event(s) actively and constantly. 

But many people ignore this lifehack, though it is very useful: if you launch ads permanently, but you don’t fill your events with content, it will raise the cost of your promotion. That’s why it’s necessary to publish regular interesting content to your promoted events. Tell people about the event, give facts that are relevant to your target audience. And soon you will see the number of responders and intending subscribers increasing. Great!
Here are some ideas for your content strategy:

  • photos and videos from other similar events,
  • attendees’ feedback,
  • speakers’/artists’ interviews,
  • video invitations to the event,
  • price changes, price increases, promocodes, discounts.

We’ve already written about different ideas for your post strategy. Don’t forget to read about it!

But take into consideration that you should not post too often. It can be annoying. There is no need to post to events with less than 20 responders: it is unlikely that it gives you boosting of sales. 

Note: one important thing! You must measure the results of your ads and posting to improve and correct your strategy. You can read about it here.
Tendee can help you with it as it has two different pages with insights about posting and ads.

Summary for your launched ads.
Summary with published posts.

Tendee can help you with content and ads strategy. It can create events, remind you to launch ads and posting, advise you how to do it correctly. It also won’t let you forget to post to your events. Moreover, Tendee has ready-made ideas from open sources for your posting strategy. 
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