Two Main Principles of Facebook Promotion Usually Neglected

Two vital principles of Facebook promotion

Our goal is to increase the probability of our Event info to appear in newsfeed of interested users. Each step of your Event promotion should start with the following question: “How relevant will this post/ad/event be for the auditory you target? Will people be interested in it? Will they click? Will users respond or leave comments on your post/ad?” But get it right: each ad message should not contain a direct appeal to leave comments or likes. Facebook punishes for that.

Create engaging content

To win over Facebook, start thinking like Facebook. The primary Facebook promotion rule is to be relevant, be engaging. As it is known, Facebook employs Algorithm News Feed to analyze activity of each user and determine what to show in the user’s newsfeed. Content is on the rise, and the social network analyzes millions of posts that users followed to select several dozens, that will be scrolled through in spare moments.

In case you promote a yoga master class, invite friends who are keen on yoga. When purchasing ads for a musical band, do not target at all musical fans, but only fans of bands similar to yours.

If your ad, invitation, broadcast is useful and ultimately relevant, Facebook will encourage it. Free viral promotion will also follow.

Paid promotion is of great importance

The second principle goes as follows: nothing will promote itself. Even Events created from official pages with millions of fans do not easily draw a large audience. It is important to proceed with both free and paid promotion. The example below proves that even an Event launched on a page with millions of fans is not sufficient to draw enough responders.

Read more on free Facebook promotion for Events and paid Event advertising in our blog. 

Event host pageLuke Bryan Official PageThings To Do in Austin
Host page fans8,717,1234,572
Posts by event host055
Likes on published posts02,154
Shares and invitations31472
Comments (not moderated)81630
Event responders2,00019,840

Event host pageBruno Mars Official PageThings To Do in Boston
Host page fans57,804,4417,682
Posts by event host082
Likes on published posts01,790
Shares and invitations35479
Comments (not moderated)17320
Event responders2,07517,750

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