Too broad audience targeting: will you benefit from a 950,000 people reach?

Your target audience is of particular importance for launching ads. Once the audience is set, Facebook calculates the potential reach for your ads. Keep the audience from being too broad and too narrow, always consider your budget and the number of people you want to reach. The most common case is setting the audience too broad.

The broader your audience, the larger budget it requires, the bigger the CPC and CPA become. Clever audience segmentation makes ad campaigns cheaper and more efficient. Here are our recommendations to work it.

Before launching an ad campaign:

  • Separate your audience location into different ads. Do not use different cities (let alone countries) in the same ad set.
An example of broad audience by location.
  • Segment interests. You’d better not mix Keiko Matsui fans with everybody who likes concerts, festivals, jazz and other genres.
An example of broad audience by interests.
  • Exclude undesired audience. You can always exclude a part of the audience you target. For example, you might wish to exclude those who have already subscribed to your Event or performed a particular activity on your website.

After launching an ad campaign:

  • Use Relevance Score to verify if the audience and ad campaign are set correctly. The Relevance Score will help you optimize the audience and lower your costs. Reconsider your ad settings if its Relevance Score falls below 7.
  • Mind the ratio between Impressions and Results. Such targets as ‘music’ or ‘Moscow’ get many impressions and seem to reach a great number of users, but the majority of the people you reach may have no interest in the Events you promote. This is evident by a large difference between Impressions and Results (they may be a hundred times apart). Reaching as many users as possible is not equal to effective promotion.
  • Run tests. Once your audience is correctly set and the campaign is on, you can always keep an eye on the audiences that perform best and elaborate on them.

It takes time and effort to consider all nuances of target and audience settings for your ads. But there is a great solution – Tendee, that has everything pre-set and all you have to do is just to click one button! You get an efficient ad campaign and save 80% of your time.

An example of pre-set ad ideas.

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