How to Schedule Facebook Event Posts

It goes without saying, that regular posting on Facebook Events helps to grow the audience and keep your subscribers updated on all possible changes. It is helpful to post with a regular interval to remind people on the Event, to share engaging content and get new subscribers through shares and likes. What you need is to schedule Facebook Event posts.

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How to Invite People to an Event on Facebook

Effective marketing of your Facebook Events depends on the number of people who know about the Event and can share it with their friends. Viral growth is one of the major instruments to make your Event a success. But how does one increase the number of people who click Going in an Event? You need to know how to invite people to an Event on Facebook.

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Two Main Principles of Facebook Promotion Usually Neglected

Two vital principles of Facebook promotion

Our goal is to increase the probability of our Event info to appear in newsfeed of interested users. Each step of your Event promotion should start with the following question: “How relevant will this post/ad/event be for the auditory you target? Will people be interested in it? Will they click? Will users respond or leave comments on your post/ad?” But get it right: each ad message should not contain a direct appeal to leave comments or likes. Facebook punishes for that.

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