OFFF Design Festival Soldout through Events on Social Networks

Client and the goal

OFFF is a Barcelona design festival that has been touring the world for 18 years. Art-directors, digital-creators, designers, illustrators, representatives of film and video production studios, ad agencies and studio owners with unique portfolios come here.

The first OFFF started in Barcelona in 2001 as a local initiative of a street artist and designer Hector Ayuso and quickly became the most influential and famous event in the field of digital visual culture.

In 2019, OFFF was held in Russia by Skillbox, an online university of modern digital professions.

Goal of facebook event promotion:
to sell 600 tickets at a price of $185 to $270

Orders statistics (blue bars) and sales statistics (green) from TimePad reports.

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How I Made My Product Hunt Meetup a Full House in Just 3 Days

It was my second time to organize an offline Product Hunt meetup. My first run cannot be called a success – there were less people than I expected. Such meetups are rare for my district, but they are a way to hang out with smart, successful people who design products. The official opening was in 3 days, I did not manage to gather enough people through and I decided to throw some money into the deal. But what is the best way to handle it?


  • $50 marketing budget
  • Free admission B2B meetup
  • 3 days before the event
  • No knowledge how to spread the word about my event fast

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Too broad audience targeting: will you benefit from a 950,000 people reach?

Your target audience is of particular importance for launching ads. Once the audience is set, Facebook calculates the potential reach for your ads. Keep the audience from being too broad and too narrow, always consider your budget and the number of people you want to reach. The most common case is setting the audience too broad.

The broader your audience, the larger budget it requires, the bigger the CPC and CPA become. Clever audience segmentation makes ad campaigns cheaper and more efficient. Here are our recommendations to work it.

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Hints for Profitable Event Response Ads on Facebook

The goal of Event Response ads is to invite users to your Event, and the more subscribers the better. The ad unit mimics a typical Facebook Event invite, asking users to click “interested” or “going” to RSVP. Ignore for a moment that most of your Facebook friends respond “going” with no intention of actually being on the Event. Linking directly to the Event page, Event Response ads provide a seamless pathway from newsfeed to invite.

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Event Industry Comprehensive Guide on UTM Parameters

We decided to consider this powerful tool in the context of event industry. This study is based on hundreds of PPC campaigns, mass mailings, push notifications, Facebook events.

This article will be of use for anyone dealing with traffic acquisition on a website – either their own or a ticketing service like Eventbrite; for those using UTM tags every day and those who never tried.

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How to Create a Facebook Event

One should not underestimate Facebook Events as a means to spread a word on your event promotion. People share interesting events, invite their friends to attend, discuss events and even use them to mark a date on their calendar. So do not lose the chance to use Facebook platform for your Event promotion. Here’s how to create a Facebook Event.

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