Mission: Find and Eliminate Facebook Ad Fatigue

If you believe that it is enough to simply launch Facebook Ads for excellent results, you are going to be disappointed. You can see high CPC/CPA and Frequency Rate soon after your ad is launched.

High metrics for CPR and Frequency.

As a result, you can face one of Facebook horrors – Banner Blindness – that steadily and persistently stays between Facebook users and your ads.
This is caused by the so-called Ad Fatigue: your audience sees your ads so often that they start ignoring them.

But do not panic.

We will show how to recognize, fight and win over it. Here’s a bunch of tips.

Control Frequency

You launch ads targeted at particular audience(s). Facebook can show the same ad to one user again and again, over 4-5 times. Remember your reaction when you see one and the same ad many times: it can be irritating and tiresome!
So when Frequency of an active ad reaches 4 or more, you’ve got to consider and improve the situation.
Tendee can detect this issue and send you a notification.
What can be done? – Turn the ad off and create a new one, following the guidelines below.

Update ad creative

Seeing the same ad picture and pitch is excessively boring and dull, while they are actually meant to catch the eye of your audience. Try different pictures, texts and headings for your ad campaigns.
Try launching several ads with different texts and pictures simultaneously. Try different texts for the cover, but don’t overplay with it! Text shouldn’t exceed 20% of the cover. This definitely works better and does not annoy your audience. In addition, you can see what gets better response.

An example of the ad with different creatives.

Change targeting

Seeing the same ad day after day makes you feel this way

To avoid this with your ads, try different audiences, but make sure they are not too wide. Do not forget to exclude the audience that has already responded to the ad.

An example of ad targeted at different audiences.

Different ad placements

When several placements are specified, Facebook optimizes ad impressions to the placement that has the lowest CPA. So in case you face a high Frequency Rate, try different ad groups for different placements.


With Facebook ads you cannot just set it and forget it, you’ve got to monitor and tune your ads all the time.
Tendee monitors all relevant metrics to detect campaigns that require your attention and sends you notifications in accordance with the tips listed above. You can always tune the ads accordingly right in Tendee.

Notification example.

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