Ideas for engaging Facebook Content Strategy

10 ideas what to post on your Facebook content strategy: how to promote an Event on Facebook effectively

1. Supportive reminders

Just a simple event reminder can be a good piece of content for your event responders. You can do a countdown, but don’t be too greedy. Post from once a month to once a week. Combine it with a mention of the number of tickets left and you’ve got a great trigger for your Facebook Event followers to visit your ticketing website and make a purchase.

facebook content strategy

Post templates for events

With Tendee you can use Template Posting to automatically schedule reminders.

2. Live video

Live broadcasts with performers, Q&A sections, event preparations and live streams from the event. This should be done through prior announcing and promotion of the event. It’s now so easy to produce, and it can easily become sharable content.

Don’t forget to promote a Live Stream reminder and afterwards post a video from the live stream.

facebook content strategy

Livestream from Facebook Event

Live Stream record posted to Facebook Event.

3. Musical albums

They can be embedded with Apple Music. It looks gorgeous, and subscribers can listen to music right in their News Feed. Works great both on mobile and desktop. Just copy the link to an album at Apple Music (Share Album → Copy Link) and post it to your event.

facebook content strategy
Sharing a playlist.

Post with Apple Music Widget
Sharing Album.

4. Crossposts between Facebook Events

If you’re hosting several Facebook Events with partially overlapping audiences (by interests or location), it’s fine to provide cross-links in such events. Just copy a Facebook Event’s link and paste it to the Post editor. Facebook will do the rest and unfold your link to the event post with an Interested/Going button inside the post.

5. Reviews

Post fan reviews of previous shows. People love social proof, and it’s easy for you to obtain it. Simply ask something like this to your Facebook Event responders: “The event was yesterday! How was it for you? Post about your experience here and share your photos, videos, and memories!”

And that’s it. You’ll be amazed at what you can get with this simple request. Now you can easily share visitors’  photos, videos and memories in future events.

With Tendee you can automate posting such requests to each of your events.

6. Performers

It’s also a good idea to post information about the performer. You can find a lot of news about performers, sometimes even on their Facebook page or in a Google news feed. If you see something notable, share it to your relevant Facebook Events. You can even post to all your events at once with the Tendee.

Scheduling on post to multiple events with Tendee.

7. (Pre)-Sales announcements

Prices are the most powerful motivators for selling tickets. Post about sales promo codes (limited quantity and/or time), price adjustments, and the number of tickets left. Access to pre-sales should be issued through reminder posts rather than direct links. Notifications on the upcoming price changes are also a good idea.

How To Promote An Event On Facebook

Bad example of announcements

A poor example of a Halsey Facebook event. It’s just a list of text in the Event description. Chances are slim that anybody will bother reading it.

8. Information on the event

Tell subscribers about your big day. Post the set list for a concert or the agenda for your conference. Give them info on the performers and the tour, like what album it might be confined to.

9. Polls

Submit polls about past events. You can also poll users on what they expect from an upcoming event, or on what else to include on the day of the event. This is one of the most engaging types of content because people love to share their opinions and interest in the event.

10. Music video (copyright issues)

This content requires- very careful treatment, as breach of copyright (using copyright music) may result in getting banned. Using native videos on Facebook can be advisable only if you are the copyright holder, are 100% sure the video content you share does not breach anybody’s copyright, or are in direct communication with the copyright holder. Otherwise, Facebook can impose different sanctions against you, like deleting your post, disabling the video sharing option, deleting the event, or even blocking your account. At the end of 2017 Facebook announced a deal with Universal, and soon we can start using native music videos for Event promotion.

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