How to sell out events in 1.5 months.
“I Am Waiting for You Last Summer” tour promotion

The aim of a concert tour for any musical band is increasing recognition of their music. The main indicator of efficient concert promotion is the number of tickets sold. To achieve high sales, you should start as early as possible. But if you have limited time, and there’s only a week and a half until the first concert, as it was with the band I Am Waiting for You Last Summer, you have to start immediately.

About the band

I Am Waiting For You Last Summer is a Russian band. They formed in Ryazan in 2011 and became known abroad really fast: the band has performed more than 150 live shows from Barcelona to Hong Kong. I Am Waiting for You Last Summer mixes guitar post-rock and modern electronic ambient music. These days, the guys have thousands of listeners all over the world.

I Am Waiting for You Last Summer.

Objective: a sell-out at all costs

A four-city tour.
Promotion term — a month and a half. 
Objective is to sell 90% of 970 tickets.
Ad budget — $1500.

A four-city tour: Minsk (Oct 3), Kiev (Oct 5), Moscow (Nov 1), St.-Petersburg (Nov 2).


Let us recall, we had little time — a week and a half left before the first concert and a month and a half — before the last one.

Budget spent — $1100.
Tickets sold — 892.

We not only saved $400, but also sold 92% of all the tickets! Two of the four concerts were sold out. In cooperation with I Am Waiting for You Last Summer, we achieved great results even with limited time and budget.

Sold out events: a promotion plan

1. Ads

Facebook events had already been created, but only had a few responders when we set up our project. Hence, we started with Event response ads to gather those who were definitely going.

Yet there was little time before the tour, so we launched Conversion ads aimed at the purchase straightaway. The audiences we used: the band’s main page subscribers, previous concerts attendees, fans of similar genres and artists, and custom audiences we got from the client.

In a month after connecting events to Tendee and running ads, we obtained about 1000 new responders from social media and sold 92% of the tickets.

We got great results with the help of Tendee. Unlike Facebook Ads Manager, it already has audiences to launch: fans of the artist, your Facebook page subscribers, people who didn’t complete their purchase on your website, and people similar to those who’ve already bought a ticket.

Setting up an ad campaign only takes a few minutes. Moreover, the ticket link is already shortened and contains all the necessary UTM-tags to track where the user came from. Filling in all the fields in Ads Manager takes about 15 minutes. In Tendee, everything is pre-set, so you can do it in just a few clicks. This feature allowed us to launch many efficient campaigns in a short time.

Setting up an ad campaign in Tendee.

2. Posting

The number of responders was growing. We started publishing posts on the Facebook events to maintain the public interest and motivate them to buy tickets.

The band’s photos and videos from past concerts were used usedthe most. We set up the following types of posting in Tendee:

  • Reminders about price increase and the number of tickets left.
  • Posts with the artists’ info from public news sources.
A price increase reminder: $14 (untill Oct. 18), $16 (until Oct. 19-31), $18 (Nov. 1).
A post reminds you how many tickets are left: 35 tickets for $16.

Each of our posts had a ticket link. As you remember, all links via Tendee are shortened and have UTM-tags

44 posts were published throughout the project. Each of them contained a purchase link with more than 500 clicks tracked. We scheduled all these posts in an hour and got amazing results!

Publishing a post via Tendee.

To prepare a post you need 10-15 minutes on average: find a text and a picture, and tag the link. Tendee automates even this. It provides you with news about the artist, has an online library at hand, and generates reminders in a moment.

3. A new single as a sales secret

On September 30, I Am Waiting for You Last Summer released a new single called In Circles and published it on their YouTube channel. 4 days were left before the first concert and we decided to use this single in ads and posts, betting that it would boost sales, and it worked.

Sales increased noticeably. The number of tickets sold that day grew by 2.5 times and link clicks — by almost 4!

The number of tickets sold on the single release day.


Promotion of music should go hand by hand with a tour promotion. 

We managed to sell 92% of all tickets in a short time with a low budget. We got two sold out events and engaged hundreds of new listeners who will most likely attend future performances, owing to Tendee features like running ads in two clicks and scheduling posts with relevant content. And last but not least, we collected a loyal audience base that we can use for further promotion.

It’s crucial to start event promotion as soon as possible, but even if you have no time left Tendee can fix it. Start your promotion right now.

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