How to Schedule Facebook Event Posts

It goes without saying, that regular posting on Facebook Events helps to grow the audience and keep your subscribers updated on all possible changes. It is helpful to post with a regular interval to remind people on the Event, to share engaging content and get new subscribers through shares and likes. What you need is to schedule Facebook Event posts.

But posting regularly needs time and effort, and what if you have several Events planned? Getting back to posting every day for each Event? Too much consideration!

A kind of way out is scheduling your posts on Facebook, and there is a special feature to do this. You can spend some time to plan a number of posts for an event, and then schedule them: they will be published at the exact time you indicate for posting.

Here’s how to schedule Facebook Event posts:

How to Schedule Facebook Event Posts Tutorial
  • Open you Facebook Event page.
  • Make sure you are posting from the page hosting the Event: otherwise your subscribers will not get notified on your posts.
  • Type in the text you prepared for your post. Add a link to your ticketing website or to any relevant content.
  • Skip the Post button and click the arrow to schedule your post.
  • Select the date and time for the post to be published. Click Schedule.
  • Repeat the same for the remaining posts you want to be published on different dates.
  • You can access all scheduled posts by the See post link. You can delete any of the posts you scheduled.
    This menu will also let you to publish the post right away or reschedule it, or to edit the post.

Convenient and fast? Not quite…

Here’s a better and easier way to schedule your Facebook posts

Tendee enables you to schedule posts individually tailored for each Event in bulk. Schedule the post once and it will be published to any number of Events you need. As simple as follows:

How to Schedule Facebook Posts in Event Marketing Toolbox
  • Click Schedule a Post button to get to posting composer.
  • Select the Events you would like to post to in bulk. In case you have a large number of Events connected, there is a search function to help you.
  • Type the text of your post. Make use of handy tags so that the text is tailored per each particular Event: the date, city and venue of the Event, the number of days left before the Event and other.
  • Attach a picture, video of GIF to the post, if needed. You can also use a random pic from the Event’s media library.
  • Select to either post right away or choose a date for the posts to be published.
  • Preview the posts, delete any if needed. You can also get back to the composer to change something. 
  • Ready to post? Just hit the Schedule Posts Button.

That’s it. You don’t have to select the hosting page, you don’t need to schedule post for each Event separately! Fast and easy, isn’t it? Consider our creative ideas on engaging content for your Events.

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