Venue profit from Facebook Events (150+ hours saved per month)

Why Facebook Events? 

Almost every event venue regularly publishes its events on Facebook. But not everyone believes it can be one of the main ticket sales drivers. You have to manage your Facebook events constantly and systematically. By doing so, you can easily profit with minimal time and get the most sales from Facebook.
We want to share our practice using the example of cooperation between Tendee and Moscow University Botanic Garden (the ‘Apothecary Garden’).

About the project 

Moscow University Botanic Garden (the ‘Apothecary Garden’) is the oldest botanical garden in Russia. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1706. Apart from the richest collection of plants, the ‘Apothecary Garden’ has one of the most popular concert venues in Moscow. Even more, it’s a great cultural center.

Every month about 20 concerts are held there, not including master classes, excursions and plays. The Garden has its own Repertory Theatre, “S.A.D.” Jazz, and classical music concerts, opera festivals, ethnic, pop and rock concerts. It has about 400 events a year!


  1. Make Facebook a lucrative sales channel; receive the best conversion from a loyal audience.
  2. Reduce the promotion time. Ongoing work with Facebook: events creation, filling with content, launching ads, analyzing and correcting results.


Facebook is a cost-effective sales channel.
80% of time was saved on managing events:
185 events were created
– More than 2000 posts were published
– More than 1200 ads were launched

Thanks to process automation, we saved 21 hours on event creation, 100 hours on posting, 30 hours on launching ads: 21 + 100 + 30 = 151 hours.

Read our next articles to learn more about all the ad strategies and that have helped us make Facebook Events a profitable promotion channel.

How Facebook events helped to achieve payback

Integration with a ticketing platform

Moscow University Botanic Garden (the ‘Apothecary Garden’) uses the ticketing system, TicketsCloud, which works with a great number of venues, organizers and distributors. Without any problems, we integrated with TicketsCloud and got:

  1. Сreating any number of events. In just three hours, more than 180 events were automatically created.

  1. Sales figures for each event: the number of orders and tickets sold and the amount of sales. Without pulling data on each event, we could see the overall picture of sales, quickly and easily adjust ad campaigns.

The sales data from TicketsCloud.

  1. Tickets price data including price increase schedule. We used this information as triggers in ads and posting.

The price increase schedule from TicketsCloud.

Systematic paid promotion of created events

It’s difficult and it takes a lot of time to learn how to work with Facebook Events efficiently and get to know all the methods and mechanics.

With Tendee, we have a well established promotion strategy that gives sales growth, as well as functionality, which helps achieve the results: payback, time saving and productivity.

  1. Banners generation. Your ads should motivate customers to purchase with countdowns, discounts, price increase and other triggers. Furthermore, it’s crucial to create a noticeable banner. With Tendee, you can do that in a minute.

Three simple steps to create a banner in Tendee.

  1. A pivot table for ads, analytics and filters. It helps identify inefficient campaigns that are too expensive. We set up different filters that aid in tracking necessary metrics and saving time on analytics.

A pivot table for analytics in the test user’s account.

It is really quick, clear and convenient to analyze all ads on a single screen.

Filters on the pivot table.

In a promotion process, ad creatives are not to be forgotten. That’s why we created a table where you can analyze each creative.

A pivot table with data on creatives (photo/video).

  1. Automatic notifications. They notify us about ads that receive few impressions and don’t get sales, about the amount of money spent, etc.
    Thereby we can always keep track of our expenses.


You should constantly remind potential attendees about your events through posting, and thus motivate them to make a purchase. You can read about Event response ad campaigns here.

  1. Set up automatic reminders.
  2. Set up two main triggers for them: with a countdown and a price increase.
A countdown post.


A price increase post.

We obtained all this data automatically due to the integration with the ticketing platform, TicketsCloud. About 7% of the total sales were received through the Facebook channel.

Reminder templates

For the brand awareness, we customized reminder templates. We uploaded event pictures into the media library and turned reminders on.

The reminder templates and Tendee media library.

UTM tags and shortened links 

UTM tags were also of help in understanding that Facebook has become a lucrative promotion channel. If you have no clue what they are for, you can read about it here. It’s essential to tag links with UTM and shorten them, but it takes a lot of time.

In Tendee:

  • Shortened links with UTM tags are generated automatically for each event, with no mistakes. 
  • You can customize tags according to your preference.

0 minutes spent.
3 hours saved.


Systematic cooperation with Facebook has led to organic responders growth, which continues to this day. 


One of the reasons why people don’t go to events — they just don’t know about them. Events enable you to gather a subscriber base and use it for paid promotions.

Facebook demands tweaking, constant control, and a lot of precious time.
Tendee turns Facebook into a powerful channel because it makes the promotion process quick and uncomplicated. Create events with Tendee automatically, get great sales, and start saving hours and days immediately.

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