How to create over 600 events
on Facebook in just a few minutes

During our work, we’ve noticed that many companies have plenty of events on their websites, but they don’t promote the events on Facebook and other social networks. Our question is: what’s the reason? It’s obvious — lack of time. It takes hours and days of work to create many events, but the Spanish company Atrápalo chose another way. We’ll describe it a bit later. How many people are required to create 600 events for Atrápalo in a short period? Just one! If you do it via Tendee.

About the project

Atr Atrápalo is an international company that sells plane and train tickets, hotel bookings, excursions and, what’s most interesting for us — events tickets. Most events are recurring, they can be held several times a month, week, or even every day. It would be very hard for the company to create and promote so many events because it requires a lot of time, and even hiring new employees.

Here’s how recurring events look.

The aim

We had an ambitious task to create and promote 600 events on Facebook.

The result

We’ve done it! 

  • We’ve created 30 recurring events on Facebook that included 600 non-recurring events in total! Wow!
  • We’ve saved 14 hours of working time of our client.

What is a recurring Facebook event?

Let’s compare recurring events with normal ones. Here’s an ordinary event that is held once.

A recurring event usually has several dates, which, in turn, can have different times. When the last date has passed, the event is over.

How we created 600 events in 30 minutes?

In the beginning, we tried to create events on Facebook manually, but we couldn’t do it quickly and easily enough because of some drawbacks.

Peculiarities of recurring Facebook events

It takes 10-15 minutes to create one event with several dates. To do it, you need to fill in the following information: cover, event name, description, ticket link with UTM tags, keywords, venue, category, date and time.

If the event is held at the same time every day, you only need to choose the dates, and the information will be duplicated. However, if the time is different, or there are several events during one day, you have to create a schedule manually, which is a long and tiring process.

Recurring event creation on Facebook.

When you create dozens of events manually, especially if they are at different times and many dates are concerned, there is a high chance of making a mistake, so it takes even more time for checking. For instance, it takes 5 minutes to check one event. When there are 30 events, it takes 5 hours to complete the task. If any mistakes are found, the runtime increases and the process may become internal.

According to the Facebook restrictions, one can create no more than 52 non-recurring events at a certain time. If an event does not have a specific time (for example, a theme park that’s open any time), you can only create this event for 2 weeks, and then you have to repeat the process all over again.

Here’s an everyday event without any specific time.

How to automate event creation with Tendee?

1. Use events parser

Using the Atrápalo website parser, we’ve created 30 recurring events with the maximum number of non-recurring events inside. So we’ve got more than 600! And it only took us 30 minutes! Let’s compare: it would take 4 hours to do it manually, not taking into account the creation of shortened links and UTM tags, and 2-3 hours for checking and corrections. In Tendee, all the information – cover, dates, time, venue, and main metrics for the events – are loaded automatically.

This is how an event created in Tendee looks.

7 hours saved

2. Add shortened links with UTM tags

It’s important to use shortened links and UTM tags to get the correct results for your analysis. Using URL shortener and other special services manually will take you a lot of time. But Tendee can undertake it all. Let’s see!

Manually With Tendee
Generate a link for the description.
Copy it into a special service.
Copy the result into the event.
Repeat for the ticket link. 
UTM tags in links are generated
and shortened automatically for
every event without errors.
5 minutes for one event
≈ 1,5 hours for 30 events
≈ 30 minutes for checking 
In total 2 hours of your time
0 minutes spent
2 hours saved

3. Upload images into the event

It may take 5-7 minutes to upload images and video files into the event (the time depends on the number of images you need to upload). When you create a Facebook event in Tendee, images are automatically taken from the website. They can be used for reminder posts or ads, and are kept in the media library. Let’s work out the time we can save for 30 events.

How event media library looks in Tendee.

In Tendee, there is a banner generator that makes your media more diverse and saves 2-3 hours of work for a designer. 

This is how banner templates look.

≈ 5 hours saved

The events have been created. What’s next?

After the creation of events, we turn on the reminders and launch RSVP ads — this is how the event promotion begins. Learn more about events promotion on Facebook in our guide.

Analyzing the results

When our mission is complete, the first thing we do is calculate the time saved. The time saving is obvious — 14 hours of working time could have been spent on routine manual tasks. It could have even been necessary to hire people for this work and pay for their time. However, using Tendee, we’ve managed to create 600 events in 30 minutes!

Besides, we noticed a growth in organic responders. The number of free clicks on event descriptions and ticket links also increased. So we’ve attracted a significant amount of traffic to the website and increased sales just by creating events. But free clicks can’t do the whole job without ads. Read more about ads in our guide.


The first thing people want from Facebook is fun. In most cases, events are entertaining – that’s why it’s so important to notify people about them. Just creating an event on Facebook may get an impressive amount of free traffic and increase sales.

Create events automatically with Tendee, save a lot of working hours, and get your free clicks right now.

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