How to Create a Facebook Event

One should not underestimate Facebook Events as a means to spread a word on your event promotion. People share interesting events, invite their friends to attend, discuss events and even use them to mark a date on their calendar. So do not lose the chance to use Facebook platform for your Event promotion. Here’s how to create a Facebook Event.

Creating Facebook Events is simple and easy, but you should always keep in mind the following formula: the more accurate your Event information is, the more followers you get. But be precise: the more text the better is not the right strategy in this case.

How to Create a Facebook Event.

Let’s go though Facebook Event creation step-by-step

1) Go to a page you would like to create an Event from and select the ‘Events” tab. Follow to ‘Create Event’ button.

2) Select a cover picture or a video. You can select any file form your computer. What is the correct size of a cover picture? Go check with our recent post How to chose the Correct Facebook Event Photo Size

3) Indicate the name of the Event (up to 64 symbols) and select the location. Put in the address and select a venue with other Facebook events linked: in this case your event will also show in recommendations on the venue page. You can also add the venue as a co-host right away.

Event cover, name and location.

4) ‘Frequency’ tab enables you to indicate a single date for your Event, make it regular or select several random dates.

5) Do not skip adding the correct start and end time, people do find this information convenient.

6) Details on the event include the category, key words for a better search and a ‘Description’ field. Spend some time to prepare a laconic but attractive description to make people understand what the Event is about.

Facebook Event Details.

7) Enable messaging so that people could reach you out with any questions on the event.

8) Are you planning to sell tickets for your Event? It is a must to indicate a link to purchase tickets in the ‘Ticket URL’ box.

9) Add co-hosts of the event to make sure the Event is displayed to an auditory as wide as possible. Add all possible co-hosts to enlarge the reach of your event. See other important tips on free event promotion here: Free Facebook Promotion for Events. You can also enable or disable visitors posts to your Event.

Facebook Event information.

10) Make the Event public right away or schedule it for publication.

The list above is just an outline of the procedure. A lot of useful tips on how to fill in all fields can be found in our article How to create an event on Facebook ready for promotion

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