How I Made My Product Hunt Meetup a Full House in Just 3 Days

It was my second time to organize an offline Product Hunt meetup. My first run cannot be called a success – there were less people than I expected. Such meetups are rare for my district, but they are a way to hang out with smart, successful people who design products. The official opening was in 3 days, I did not manage to gather enough people through and I decided to throw some money into the deal. But what is the best way to handle it?


  • $50 marketing budget
  • Free admission B2B meetup
  • 3 days before the event
  • No knowledge how to spread the word about my event fast

I’ve got nice speakers, a nice location with even free pizza for everyone who comes, but I need to let people know what they can get here somehow. So, I create a Facebook Event, set up an ad account with $50 on it, and start digging into the brave new world of Facebook Ads Manager settings. Questions swarmed in my head: what ad type to choose, what targeting audiences are, what budget is good to set, what Facebook Pixel is for, why bid cap is off by default, how long my ad text should be… Just when I started thinking it might take more than 3 days to get the gist and launch the first ad correctly, I got my pals from Tendee to help. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect it to be that simple.

What I actually did

1. I created an Eventbrite page for the meetup with a Sign Up form. Took 4 minutes

2. I used my Eventbrite event to create an event on Facebook with a ticket link leading to my Eventbrite Sign Up form. Took another 4 minutes

3. Tendee team gave me a hint to fill in a clear and detailed event description on Facebook and to add Product Hunt as a co-host, which really helps to get better organic growth of Facebook events. Just 2 minutes

4. Launched 3 ads. The ads were preset by Tendee, I just set the budget and clicked Run Ads button. 5 minutes

Launching ads.

5. Prepared 3 posts and scheduled them to my Facebook event all at once to be published on the 3 days left. Tendee team suggested I should tell people about the speakers, remind them on the time of the meetup and show the location with parking, etc. 5 minutes

Scheduling posts.


The pic says for itself: we were full that day. The best part of it is that I spent like 20 minutes on the whole thing, then Tendee did the job. I didn’t have to bother posting every day, didn’t have to search for targeting and set up ads or switch them off in due time. It just worked!
$50 + 20 minutes = Full House B2B Meetup

My Product Hunt Meetup.

More photos here.

It’s really convenient that Tendee is fully integrated with Eventbrite platform. So I could see the promotion results for both Facebook and Eventbrite in a glance: the campaign brought 36 Eventbrite page visits.

Unlike Facebook Ads Manager, you do not have to fill in 22 ad parameters in Tendee – all fields are preset, and editing is always faster and easier than filling in from scratch!

Launching Ads on Facebook. You have to fill around 22 fields.

Launching ads on Facebook.

Launching Ads with Tendee . All fields are pre-filled.

Launching ads in Tendee.

So if you need to get people for your Event, just try Tendee: I bet you’ll be surprised how simple it may be to promote on Facebook.

Vlad Korobov,
Digital products lover & maker.
Expert in web & mobile apps.

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