Hints for Profitable Event Response Ads on Facebook

The goal of Event Response ads is to invite users to your Event, and the more subscribers the better. The ad unit mimics a typical Facebook Event invite, asking users to click “interested” or “going” to RSVP. Ignore for a moment that most of your Facebook friends respond “going” with no intention of actually being on the Event. Linking directly to the Event page, Event Response ads provide a seamless pathway from newsfeed to invite.

Event response ads in the newsfeed

This is how users see your ads in their newsfeed

You’ve got the Event, you’ve got the target audience: one-two-three – and the ad is running, the audience is growing, the Event is getting bigger.

Here are some tips to make your Event Response campaigns profitable.

Use good resolution pictures.
It’s recommended to use cover pictures without text (as long as Facebook charges for texts on ad covers) or to use covers with 20% of text at most. You’d better use appealing pictures in good resolution that won’t pixelize.

Here is an anti-example

An example with more that 20% text on the cover

An anti-example of text exceeding 20% of the cover

And a good example

An example with right text on the cover
A good example of text on the cover

Add ticket links to Event Response Ads.
Here’s a great tip: place a link to your website/ticketing website above the ad pitch. This reduces the cost of promotion, as long as such Event Response ad enables users not only to subscribe to the Event, but also to be forwarded to another website. Thus, you make double profit of this campaign type.

Place a link to your website above the ad text
A link above the ad pitch

Mind the text length of your ads.
According to some research, Facebook recommends to use no more than 15-20 words in Event Response ads. Shorter texts attract attention, look good in preview, and enable the user to get the gist without plunging into long texts. That said, you should explain the most important things in short.

An anti-example: Users will not read such a long text, and Facebook will cut it in the ad preview.

An example of a long text

Make your pitch clear, laconic, and appealing. Test different ad texts: launch test ads with different pitches.

Make your ad text clear, short, laconic
A good example of the text

Do not mix targetings.
Do not target all interests in one go. Do not combine concerts, music, festivals, fun events in one ad set. The wider the targeting, the less relevant and the more expensive your traffic gets. Launch several ad sets with test budgets (min. $5-8) and monitor them: in 2-3 days you will see which targeting works better and can increase its budget.

As you can see, advertising has many nuances and it takes time and effort to check everything. But there is a solution – Tendee has everything ready in accordance with the best practices. All that’s left is to push one button to get an effective ad campaign, saving 80% of your time on routine.

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