Double the CTR for Your Conference Promotion with Creatives

How we doubled promotion results for Loginom Day 2019 conference with the right choice of creatives.

It is essential to test audiences, banners, messages for any promotion. It is a continuous process that always pays off. This article explains how to select the best ad creative for conference promotion.

We will see into testing and choosing the best banner message. However, this does not mean you can do without optimizing your conference landing page and searching for the best targeting audience, etc.


Our goal was to find banners for Loginom Day 2019 conference, that would get more user clicks (have a better CTR, clicks-to-impressions ratio).


  1. We prepared three packs of creatives with different messages: video about the conference, conference name, speakers and topics.
  2. Facebook: 50% higher CTR for creatives featuring speakers with topics as compared to just conference name and description.
  3. VK: 1800% higher CTR (that’s right – 18 times higher) for promotion through ads featuring speakers as compared to usual conference announcements.

About the project:

Loginom Day 2019 conference is held by Loginom company that develops a system for data analysis and decision-making for businesses. The target audience comprises business analysts, company founders, Big Data and Data Science specialists from medium and large-scale enterprises, who deal with building scoring models, risk prediction, data cleansing, preparing reports and other complicated issues.

The goal was to attract not just everybody interested in Big Data, but only those who are ready to purchase a solution for data analysis for their company.


We started promotion with general banners – conference name, date, and city. We placed a stake on the organizer’s logo (as long as the majority of the attendees are familiar with the organizer and their product) and logos of the speakers: Bank of Russia, Yandex, and Invitro that are more than acclaimed in Russia.

Loginom Day conference “Advanced Analytics, Easy Recipes”, Moscow, October 15.

Following the main rule of Internet marketing – Always Be Testing – we dug into the agenda of the conference and preparation of new creatives to improve CTR.

What was done:

The slow start asked to be followed by heavy hitters – the speakers. Using a creative with a speaker, we fire in three directions: attract people with the help of the brand (company), relevance of the topics and the speaker authority (and their position within the company). VK allows to do all three, as long as the social network has no limits for texts in banners; but keep the measure in design: do not try to squeeze all data into the banner.

Don’t do that:

An example of poor design for event promotion.

Facebook has put an end to such ads long ago: it prohibits usage of banners where text exceeds 20% of the image area or static video preview.

Anatomy of banners for conference promotion

Our new formula for creatives featuring speakers:

  • Photo. It has been proved long ago that pictures of people in ads catch the attention of people scrolling a social newsfeed.
  • Logo of the speaker’s company. While photos attract attention, corporate logos show the speaker’s level. Logos of big successful companies automatically establish trust and draw interest to the ad.
  • Topic. We promote not the conference as it is, but the topics to be covered.
  • Position. Potential attendees may react to the speaker’s position, as long as it shows their authority. Speakers with positions in top management show the level of the conference. 
  • Conference name. The brand of the conference, organizer and their product are familiar to the majority of the target audience.
  • Date. The main part of the campaign for Loginom Day 2019 started two weeks before the conference. It was important to highlight that we advertised an event and not just a blog post and that the date was pretty close.
  • Location. All the above can apply to a webinar as well, so we made it clear that it was an offline event.

We got the following banner:

A banner featuring the speaker’s position, company and topic. 
Vsevolod Grabelnikhov, Lead Cloud Solutions Architect. Topic: “Advanced Data Analysis on Demand”.

In total, the ad campaign had 14 banner versions:

Banners featuring speakers for Facebook, with topics and companies indicated. On the right: banners with the general information on the conference featuring its name: “Advanced Analytics, Easy Recipes”.

CTR distribution was as follows:

Having a very limited time for promotion, we managed to try only one video provided by the customer and used it only on Facebook. The video did not show significantly better results, so we focused on testing ads with speakers.

Banners featuring speakers showed different results

It is important to understand that there is no all-in-one success formula, and each case requires a unique approach to creatives. It is essential to test and measure everything. In our case the audience reacted to banners with speakers unevenly, creatives featuring speakers from Yandex.Cloud, Bank of Russia, Reshape Analytics and Loginom got the best results.

Banners with the best CTR on Facebook. VK showed similar results.

Banners featuring speakers for Facebook, with topics and companies, indicated. One banner features the name of the conference.

We defined a clear leader – most clicks were received by the Bank of Russia creative – this speaker brought the majority of registrations. The creative worked well because of the recognition of the brand and the speaker, although we should give credit to the topic as well.

As can be seen from the above, only one text banner proved effective through the whole promotion period, it was a reminder that the event was the next day. We switched off ads with low CTR and distributed the budget to the better working ones.

Creating a pack of banners in no time

Conference promotion requires many resources. Designing a whole pack of banners takes much effort, so Tendee has a tool to generate banners from templates.


Conferences are promoted with speakers, their topics and corporate logos. You can’t simply say “It’s going to be great, join us!”; you need to show why it’s worth attending. In today’s endless stream of content, you need to clearly show the audience what profit they can have. Ad creative should necessarily have the speaker’s corporate logo and its position to support the authority.

P.S. Captain Obvious makes conclusions

Having read the article you might think: “So what? It is obvious that a conference ad should speak about its agenda first of all.” We asked the same question and decided to check what other conferences use in ads.

Bonus: an overview of banners used by other conferences

Disclaimer. We take no credit for these conferences whatsoever. We do not know their metrics, all data is obtained through Facebook Ads Library tool.

Let’s see what creatives are used for promotion of conferences.

Social Media Week

There are many general phrases that can describe any conference.

AI & Big Data Expo

Banners indicate participant brands, even use video ads but still do not show speakers in the ads

Though there are posts about the speakers on the main page, the speakers are still not represented in ads.


Only one banner with a speaker used, not indicating the speaker’s company and topic. 

Collision Conf

The organizers are sure that the speakers features are well-known. Is it really so?

General video ads and banners featuring individual speakers. 


Ads use a number of triggers: date countdown, special offers, discounts, topics.

Promos include video ads and feature the speakers. This is a well-done promotion.

The conference even has a video address prepared. Combo!


Be specific when you promote a conference. Tell people who see your ad directly what the topics of the conference are. Avoid platitudes like “This is the best conference”, “The future is now”, “We’ve got cutting edge innovations”, etc. May the high CTR be with you!

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