Cross Posting to Social Events

Events on social networks need promotion, and posting is a great (and free!) promotion means. Besides, there is another widely underestimated means of promotion: cross-posting. The idea is dead simple, while the result is usually great.

Why not use all your popular Events instead of just promoting to the audience of a particular one?

You can make use of both your past and upcoming Events. Their audience will see announcements on Event A in Events B and C and will smoothly subscribe to Event A, if interested. As easy as one-two-three! It also decreases the acquisition cost in paid promotion – social networks’ magic.

Cross Posting to Facebook Events.

We always used simple variants of such posting. E.g. Ed Sheeran’s Events sold themselves, so we often published there cross-posts on similar artists (those likely to be found on playlists of the popular red-haired guy fans). The goal is to reach more potential responders and to present the Event to as many people as possible.

But we recommend to go easy on cross-posting and always put a thought into it: do not cross-post anything to everything.

 Here’s our success formula we are happy to share. We drew up the following rules:

  • Promoted Event: under 400 responders (note that we worked with concerts, where the reach is usually several times wider)
  • Receiver Event (to cross-post to) with 400+ responders
  • At least one genre match between the two Events
  • The distance between Event locations under 100 km
  • Post every third day in one Event at most (spamming and a flood of notifications are unlikely to strike a blow for you).

   This strategy is effective for recurring Events: festivals, workshops, seminars; as well as for Events with similar topics.

Tendee helps to create cross-posts fast, easy: a great result in almost no time. Just put a link to the promoted Event and select what other Events to cross-post to.

Cross Posting with Tendee.

All posts will be published just in a couple of minutes.

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