Ads Running, Ticket Sales at Standstill: a Step-by-Step Guide to Save your Sales

Everyone strives to get good results out of Facebook ad campaigns and to get good ticket sales for their events.

However, things can go wrong sometimes. Ads are running, people follow your Facebook events, click banners, visit the landing page, open the ticketing widget, add tickets to cart, but sales are still not going well and you have no idea what to check and how to fix it.

Keep your head up! We have prepared a step-by-step guide to rescue your sales. We’ll explain what aspects of promotion are most indicative to eliminate a standstill.

Step 1. Tracking the buyer’s route

The first thing you need is to map the whole route of your customers from seeing your ads to the actual purchase. The best way to present it graphically is a sales funnel. We need to single out the major interaction stages between the customer and the event.

A ‘healthy’ event sales funnel.

But when sales are at a standstill, the funnel is likely to have narrowings and might look like this:

A sales funnel showing that something went wrong.

As soon as you check and fix the the options below, the result won’t be late in coming.

Step 2. Checking the narrow areas of the funnel

Narrowing 1: low website visits rate

You have launched ads, allocated the budget, the number of ad impressions is good, but the number of your landing visitors is dramatically low. What might be the matter?

Audience settings in the ads you are running

When launching any ad campaign, we mean it to hit the target and find the audience most interested in the offer. Check the audience settings on Facebook Ads Manager in case sales are disappointing.

Facebook audience settings.
  • Use individually set (custom) audiences (if any). For example, you can use the audience of your website/landing visitors for the last 90 days.
  • Choose the best location for your event: one or several cities/countries, or both together. Say, you are having an annual international conference in Singapore. You might consider Hong Kong, China, Japan and Australia as the target location, as long as they belong to your region.
  • In case your ads have already gone through the learning stage, you’ve got data on the age and sex of people who purchase tickets most often. Set the required age and gender for your ads.
  • Select the relevant interests of the potential audience to keep up with adequate reach numbers. Too narrow audience might results in ineffective ads due to little impressions. A broad audience with too wide or unsuitable interests may results in huge budget overrun and missing the goal.

Other parameters of your ad campaigns

Ad efficiency does not solely depend on the audience settings. Other parameters are no less important. Check the following when sales are going poorly:

  • Ad campaign schedule. When the start and the end date are too far apart while the budget is rather low, ads will run slow to distribute the budget throughout the whole term.
  • Your ad image may have over 20% of text on it. Facebook prefers ad images with a little percentage of text or not having any text at all. Ads with long texts in a large font can not run at all. You can check the text percentage with Facebook Text Overlay Tool.

All this and more can be managed with Tendee. Moreover, it is not really convenient to work simultaneously with many tabs in Facebook Ads Manager and consumes your time. Try Tendee for your campaigns, a tool box that has all settings required to launch effective ads in several clicks.

Narrowing 2: low ticket sales

In case you see a significant funnel narrowing somewhere on your landing, the problem might hide there. Let’s see what can cause it:

  • Design failures and vague descriptions. Your website is meant to attract people and motivate them to purchase tickets for the upcoming events. Once again analyze the landing your ads lead to make sure the description is clear, pictures are appealing, all interface elements are in their places and do not hinder sales.
  • Poor website performance. People do not want to wait and are likely to leave a landing that takes more than several seconds to fully load. Pay special attention to mobile performance of your website. These days most visits come from mobile devices. You can check the speed of your website at  PageSpeed Insights
  • Poor call-to-action. A potential customer can leave the landing in case the ‘BUY TICKETS’ button is easy to miss. Don’t let this happen. Use a bright color for the button or move it up to be seen first. Do this for both the mobile and desktop versions of your website.
  • Incorrect Pixel data. You can lose sales due to incorrect analytics settings.

For example, use Google Analytics to check Facebook Pixel data. Compare the numbers to see where sales get stuck. Here we see that people often opened the ticketing widget, but less than 6% of them selected a ticket, and the number of those who completed purchase is even less. It means something pushed them off, and a possible reason is the price.

  • High ticket prices. You can launch a Flash Sale and watch your audience to check whether your ticket prices are right for the market. If you see a rapid rise in sales after the price drop, your concerns are justified: sales went poorly due to the price. Now you only need to reduce the prices and get the long-hoped-for sales.
Sales takeoff during two Flash Sales.

Forget about the problems describes above and stop losing your precious time on solving them with Tendee landing generator: main content loading in just 2.3 seconds, a friendly and simple interface with a ‘BUY TICKETS’ button that simply can’t be missed, analytics tools that do not require any real effort to set up. Tendee landing is offered both in mobile and desktop versions. Thus, you’ll get more customers, and what’s more important – happy customers they will be!

Mobile version of a website powered by Tendee.


It is important to prepare ad campaigns, but even more important is to analyze the results. Get ready to adjust ad settings, improve your website design and change ticket prices in case you are running below the expected results. Monitor your sales funnel to track down the narrowings and keep your head up!

We’ve got one more way to combat this: single out bottlenecks and fix them fast. Tendee is a real solution to all your problems. Start analyzing the efficiency of your ad campaigns fast and easy right now. Let’s improve together!

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