How to create over 600 events on Facebook in a few minutes?

During our work, we’ve noticed that many companies have plenty of events on their websites. But they don’t promote the events on Facebook and on other social networks.

Our question is —  what’s the reason? It’s obvious — lack of time. It takes hours and days of work to create many events but the Spanish company Atrápalo chose the other way. We’ll describe it a bit later. How many people may be required to create 600 events for Atrápalo for a short period? — Just one! If you do it via Tendee.

About the project

Atrápalo —  is an international company selling plane and train tickets, hotel bookings, excursions and what’s most interesting for us — events tickets. Most events are recurring, they can be held several times a month, a week and even every day. It would be very hard for the company to create and promote so many events because it requires a lot of time and even hiring new employees.

Here’s how recurring events look.

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How to Reduce Conversion Cost from $300 to $51 for Growth Marketing Conf with $1311 Average Ticket Price

Business conference organizers doubt whether to opt for Facebook promotion. They wonder if this channel can provide audience who are ready to purchase $1000 tickets. Organizers usually go for classic channels: PPC and SEO. However, Facebook has audience interested in conferences, but it requires proper approach and message. This has been proven by our experience with Growth Marketing Conf. This article shows how we reduced the conversion cost for the event by 5 times.

About the project

Growth Marketing Conf is a marketing conference held annually in San Francisco with speakers representing world-leading companies.

Tickets cost around $1311, and the average number of attendees reaches 2000 people. In 2019 the organizers decided to entrust Facebook promotion to Tendee team. 

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Ads Running, Ticket Sales at Standstill: a Step-by-Step Guide to Save your Sales

Everyone strives to get good results out of Facebook ad campaigns and to get good ticket sales for their events.

However, things can go wrong sometimes. Ads are running, people follow your Facebook events, click banners, visit the landing page, open the ticketing widget, add tickets to cart, but sales are still not going well and you have no idea what to check and how to fix it.

Keep your head up! We have prepared a step-by-step guide to rescue your sales. We’ll explain what aspects of promotion are most indicative to eliminate a standstill.

Step 1. Tracking the buyer’s route

The first thing you need is to map the whole route of your customers from seeing your ads to the actual purchase. The best way to present it graphically is a sales funnel. We need to single out the major interaction stages between the customer and the event.

A ‘healthy’ event sales funnel.

But when sales are at a standstill, the funnel is likely to have narrowings and might look like this:

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Facebook Attribution vs. Google Attribution: Friends or Foes?

Literally all our customers see that Facebook figures on ads performance show a really nice ROI (Return On Investment), while Google Analytics, which is often used for comparison between advertising channels, leaves no reason for such optimism. 

Here’s a live example from one of our customers that shows the inconsistency between Facebook and Google Analytics figures. According to Google Analytics, only 7.63% (342) of all 4400 purchases come from ads on Facebook.

Facebook conversion figures show as many as 784 conversions for the same period, which would make as much as 17% of all sales, in case properly attributed.

Why does this happen? Should you blame incorrect settings of your analytical tools or believe that Facebook figures are wrong? Neither of the above! Google and Facebook simply use different attribution mechanics: one focusing on actions like clicks, and the other focusing on the person performing the action. Let’s try to find out what is the best way to estimate the effectiveness of Facebook ads and to manage advertising budget.

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Double the CTR for Your Conference Promotion with Creatives

How we doubled promotion results for Loginom Day 2019 conference with the right choice of creatives.

It is essential to test audiences, banners, messages for any promotion. It is a continuous process that always pays off. This article explains how to select the best ad creative for conference promotion.

We will see into testing and choosing the best banner message. However, this does not mean you can do without optimizing your conference landing page and searching for the best targeting audience, etc.


Our goal was to find banners for Loginom Day 2019 conference, that would get more user clicks (have a better CTR, clicks-to-impressions ratio).


  1. We prepared three packs of creatives with different messages: video about the conference, conference name, speakers and topics.
  2. Facebook: 50% higher CTR for creatives featuring speakers with topics as compared to just conference name and description.
  3. VK: 1800% higher CTR (that’s right – 18 times higher) for promotion through ads featuring speakers as compared to usual conference announcements.

About the project:

Loginom Day 2019 conference is held by Loginom company that develops a system for data analysis and decision-making for businesses. The target audience comprises business analysts, company founders, Big Data and Data Science specialists from medium and large-scale enterprises, who deal with building scoring models, risk prediction, data cleansing, preparing reports and other complicated issues.

The goal was to attract not just everybody interested in Big Data, but only those who are ready to purchase a solution for data analysis for their company.

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Online Courses Promotion on Facebook and VK

Increasing the audience of your intensives with streams on social networks

Skillbox online university tested online streams on social networks for their intensive courses, which helped to double webinar audiences.


The goal was to increase webinar audiences with the help of gathering subscribers and launching live streams on Facebook and VK.


  • We doubled the number of additional views on social networks. 
  • Subscriber cost decreased by 50%.
  • We got viral (free) growth in the number of event responders – for every two paid responders there was one free responder. 
  • Subscriber geography turned out to be wider than we expected: the Russian Federation was followed by the Ukraine and Belarus.

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OFFF Design Festival Soldout through Events on Social Networks

Client and the goal

OFFF is a Barcelona design festival that has been touring the world for 18 years. Art-directors, digital-creators, designers, illustrators, representatives of film and video production studios, ad agencies and studio owners with unique portfolios come here.

The first OFFF started in Barcelona in 2001 as a local initiative of a street artist and designer Hector Ayuso and quickly became the most influential and famous event in the field of digital visual culture.

In 2019, OFFF was held in Russia by Skillbox, an online university of modern digital professions.

Goal of facebook event promotion:
to sell 600 tickets at a price of $185 to $270

Orders statistics (blue bars) and sales statistics (green) from TimePad reports.

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